Adidas Boost Tower


Adidas faces the challenge of educating customers about Boost, A superior shoe sole material that returns energy to the wearer with each step. They wanted to demonstrate its performance with a modular, mobile retail display. The display shows standard cushioning foam in contrast with Boost foam, and works by simultaneously dropping balls onto foam samples. Customers can see the increased energy return from Boost foam by the height the balls bounce.


Agency: Engin Creative


Modular Design

The tower’s top section is removable for situations where the entire tower is too cumbersome to use. This allows greater versatility for events and store layout changes.


Magnetic Release System

In the past users would lift and release both balls manually. This introduced timing variations into the ball drop and compromised the overall impact of the experience. I added a magnetic release system. Magnets in the top section of the display hold both balls above the foam below. When you pull the release tab magnets release both balls simultaneously.


Final Product

The final construction loses the shoes display however, the rest of the functionality remained intact. The employees at the store said they liked the display overall and that it intrigued customers who interacted with it.