Project Overview

Current Events is an event planning company that needed a simple website to show what separates them from their competition. They had a lot to communicate and few graphic assets so I created this single page site with a focus on pacing and readability.

Design Challenges

  • With only a few usable images I had to find ways to pace text heavy page sections without losing readers along the way. This was accomplished by leveraging graphics and careful crafting of content.


  • Create a cohesive one page website.
  • A simple responsive design.
  • Show the depth and breadth of Current Events' experience and capabilities.


Website Process

With little time to complete the project I jumped right into the design. I worked hard with Current Events to help them craft their content in a way that would allow for the design direction to be successful. We also were able to accomplish the design using only two breakpoints (desktop and mobile) cutting down on development time.

Final Design