Project Overview

World Coffee Research needed to reboot their branding and web presence. I worked with them to refresh their branding, build a new website and revitalize print collateral.


  • Create branding that would resonate with large corporate donors, scientific partners and coffee growers.
  • Build a responsive website that would be a sustainable platform for explaining their mission, sharing ongoing work, and collecting donations.

Design Challenges

  • Balancing communication objectives for the website’s broad user base.
  • Building a multifaceted form structure to intake information from a diverse set of donors and supporters.
  • Creating a content repository that will grow over time for dynamic published content.

Logo Redesign

World Coffee Research needed to update their branding to reflect its core values and mission. A big challenge they had was to convey the value of their scientific research to coffee growers around the world, while also appealing to corporate players in the coffee industry. The new logo takes what they had and refines it to meet these objectives.






Website Overview

The challenge was to educate visitors about World Coffee Research’s capabilities in addition to their current research. Being a nonprofit they survive on donations from big and small players in the industry. The website strikes a balance between informative and academic tones, while keeping the ability to support research through donations at the font of user's minds.

Website Process

With a diverse set of objectives for the website, I worked to create a hierarchy that would make content easy to find while highlighting the most important parts of their mission and ongoing work. Our process started with identifying content needs and then building wireframes to see how everything would flow and live on the final site. From there we executed several drafts of the site as content matured. The final output is the responsive website shown below.



Evolving Content

Much of the content is generated and refined as WCR continues their work across the globe. We built an intuitive publishing system into the CMS to allow them to post and edit a diverse range of content with open ended objectives.


World View

Operating at a global scale, WCR wanted to emphasize their reach and impact. I built a map to show where their work is located. Clicking on a country displays the projects occurring there with links to related published content.


Diverse Forms

World Coffee Research is now able to accept secure donations directly on their website. We also built in a donate button on every project so that inspired readers can donate directly to a project they are interested in. Additionally, WCR now collects important information about major donors who are interested in becoming supporters as they express interest, allowing for a more informed followup.