Zipper Rescue has been in the business of selling zipper repair kits since 1993. While they have an excellent reputation and successful product, their brand was due for a refresh.



The new logo is inspired by a mountain rescue aesthetic because Zipper Rescue does more than just sell zipper kits. With a dedication to customer service they go out of their way to make sure everyone who buys a kit has the resources to fix their zipper.



Each kit contains parts tailored to a different category of zipper bearing products. Colorful illustrations work to convey each categories unique environment while staying cohesive.



The goal of the website is to break down barriers customers face when deciding if they should fix a zipper. The site has a full range of resources from how-to videos, to written documentation and diagrams on the repair process. We also built a tool guiding customers through the process of identifying their broken zipper finding out which kit is right for them.



Zipper Rescue was very successful selling through Amazon but didn't have an effective setup to sell on their own platform. The new site is equipped with an e-commerce section making online sales easier for customers and for Zipper Rescue.


Zipper Diagnostic Tool

Customers often don’t know what parts they need to fix their zipper. The Zipper Wizard guides them through a step by step identification process leading them to the kit they need for their specific broken zipper.