Project Overview

Zipper Rescue has been in the business of selling zipper repair kits since 1993. While they had an excellent reputation and successful product, their brand was due for a refresh. 



  • Come up with a new look and feel for the brand. 
  • Communicate Zipper Rescue’s values of customer service and reliability.
  • Create new tools to engage customers intimidated by the zipper repair process.


Logo Design

The new logo is inspired by a classic mountain rescue aesthetic, because Zipper Rescue does more than just sell zipper parts. With a dedication to customer service they go out of their way to make sure everyone who buys a kit has the resources to fix their zipper.


Packaging Design

Zipper Rescue’s kits are based off different environments. The kits use illustrations to convey each environment. Overall, the text on the package communicates its function as a zipper repair product, while the illustrations highlight their specific utilities.



Website Overview

The main goal of this website is to break down barriers customers face when deciding if they should fix their zipper and buy a zipper kit. The first barrier is that customers often feel intimidated by the thought of replacing a zipper on their own. To remedy this, the site has a full range of resources from how-to videos to written documentation and diagrams on the repair process and anatomy of zippers. Once someone has decided they want to replace their own zipper they need to figure out what kind of kit to buy. The Zipper Wizard takes customers through the process of identifying their broken zipper and telling the customer what kit is right for them.   





Zipper Rescue has been very successful selling on Amazon but didn't have an effective setup to sell on their own platform. The new site implements robust e-commerce tools to make online sales easier for customers and for Zipper Rescue.


Zipper Diagnostic Tool

Customers often don’t know exactly what parts they need and it’s even harder to tell online. The Zipper Wizard takes users through a step by step zipper identification process. In the end it tells them which kit to buy if their zipper is fixable. If a user has issues identifying their zipper they can reach out directly to Zipper Rescue and send photos for manual identification.